Mission Statement

The Bag Organizer endeavour to supply the global market with an effective way to keep equipment organized and make it easier to find items..


The inside of a bag can be dark and a lot of items are carried around daily. This makes it challenging to organize equipment. The Bag Organizer keeps equipment organized thereby making it easy to find items.

Product Description

The Bag Organizer is easy to use organization, made of durable material which helps provide a sturdy fit. To use, simply place the organizer into the bag and place the equipment into the compartments. The material is flexible and allows for flex movement when the bag is picked up and carried around. Its bright colours make is easy to find items in an otherwise dark bag.

There are two different sized versions to fit both kids and adults size bags.

Intellectual Property Protection

The Bag Organizer is the subject of Patent Pending in the United States & Canada. Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.